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Weston Favell Academy


Our aim is to provide a broadly based, balanced and flexible curriculum model across all key stages which meets the needs of all learners, facilitates progress for all students and promotes equal opportunity. In doing so, we try to enhance literacy and numeracy skills across all subjects while providing the opportunity to develop social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness that promotes British values.

All students in Years 7 to 11 have 25 teaching periods a week with each period lasting 60 minutes.

In addition to the timetabled curriculum, students can access a wide range of extra-curricular pursuits and enrichment events that promote sporting, cultural and academic interests.

A key feature of our Year 7 curriculum is that students are taught in the Year Base for most of their subjects but then accessing more specialised areas for specific practical or technological based subjects.

In general, throughout Key Stage 3 students are set according to ability in both English and mathematics.  They are also set in most of their other subjects within a broad band of learners and are in mixed groups for PE. We have also established a cross-curricular progamme with design technology, art and performing arts to work collaboratively across these subject areas. In all years, students are following programmes of study that match the new National Curriculum. Details of the subjects can be found by following the links in the Curriculum Plan below.  

In Key Stage 4 we have 2 distinct curriculum pathways: English Baccalaureate (EBacc) and Academic Technical (Ac Tech).  Details of each pathway can be found by following the links in the Curriculum Plan below.

In Key Stage 5, students enter into our Sixth Form.  Most choose a 2 year programme where they study 3 or 4 courses at A Levels, BTEC Nationals or a combination of both. Students study 4 subjects from 5 option blocks in Year 12, some gaining AS accreditation at the half way point.  Most then choose to study 3 A level (A2) subjects in Year 13. Any student who has not achieved a C grade in English and/or mathematics on entry to the Sixth Form will be required to undertake a re-sit in these subjects during year 12. 

Curriculum Plans

Click here to view:

Key Stage 3 - Schemes of Work

  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
  Art Art Art
  English English English
Humanities   Geography Geography Geography
History History History
Ethics Ethics Ethics
  Computing Computing Computing
  Maths Maths Maths
 MFL  French  French  French
 Spanish Spanish  Spanish
 Performing Arts   Drama  Drama Drama
Dance Dance Dance
Music Music Music
   PE  PE PE
   Science  Science  Science


Core Subjects      Course





English Literature and Language  view



Mathematics GCSE Maths  view view
PE Core PE  view -
Science Double, Award, Core and Additional            view view


Subject Course





Art  GCSE 3D Art view view
GCSE Fine Art view view
Business and Computing       GCSE Computing view view
GCSE Business Studies view view
BTEC Business Studies - view
BTEC First Award in Business  view -
BCS Level 2 Cert in IT Application Skills view view
Design and Technology      GCSE Catering/NCFE Food & Catering view view
GCSE Graphics view view
GCSE Product Design view view
BTEC Creative Digital Media view view
Humanities    GCSE Geography view view
GCSE History view view
GCSE Philosophy and Ethics x -
MFL  Entry Level English for EAL Students view -
GCSE Languages view view
Performing Arts    GCSE Music view view
GCSE Performing Arts - Drama view view
BTEC Level 2 First Award in Music view -
BTEC Dance view -
 PE Sport Science  view view
 Science Biology view -
Chemistry view -
Physics view -
Separate Science - view
Combined Science view view
 Social Sciences   GCSE Psychology view view
BTEC First Children's Play, Learning and Development  x -
BTEC Level 2 First Award in Health and Social Care view view