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Weston Favell Academy

Frequently Asked Questions


Will I be met on my first day? 

At this stage we are unsure of the exact details due to COVID-19.

However, on a normal first day you would come into the main hall and you would meet your Form Tutor.  Once you are all in, your Form Tutor will take you down to your form room for some “getting to know you” activities.

What happens if I get lost or I am late to a lesson? 

Please do not worry, every new Year 7 is in the same situation. You will be given a tour of the school and after a few days it will be easier. If you do get a bit lost, just ask any teacher or student. They will be happy to direct you. Remember, we all had a first day at school.

For the first few weeks, teachers will be OK if you are a little late, but you will find your way round very quickly.

How do I get my student card and how do I load money onto it? 

We would normally have taken your photo on transfer day, however, this will not happen this year.  Do not worry, we will get your student card ready for you for the first day and we will add your photo later.  Once you have your card, your Form tutor will show you how to add money onto it using the school machines.  We are a cashless site so you cannot pay in the café or restaurant with cash, it must be loaded onto your card. Parents/Carers will receive a login for online payments a few weeks into term.  Please bring cash with you on your first day.

Where do I go for lunch and what can I buy?

We have two areas where you can buy food at break time and lunchtime.  The café sells snack items such as sausage rolls, paninis, pizzas, waffles and muffins.  The main restaurant sells snack items at break but at lunch they offer pasta pots, salads, jacket potatoes, a main meal and a vegetarian meal.  They also sell sandwiches & drinks.

What if I have free school meals at my primary school?

Your primary school will let us know and these will be added to your lunch account, they will have to be used each day. You cannot save unused lunches.

Will my friends be in the same class/form?

Our form classes are mixed and we try to put you with at least one other child from your primary school where possible.  Your lessons, like Maths, English and Science will be set by ability so if your friend is working at the same level as you, they might be in the same class.  Please do not worry, this is a time where you can make new friends.  Remember all of our Year 7s are new and feeling just like you.

What will I need to bring with me?

You will need to be in full uniform (information is on the website).  You will also need a schoolbag, pencil case with pens, pencils, ruler and a scientific calculator.  An equipment list can be found on the academy website in the Transition section.  

Where do I go if I feel unwell? 

You will have a Year 7 Pastoral leader and her name is Mrs Parrett - this is the person you should go and see if you feel unwell.  We also have a student reception which is located near the front door of the academy.  You can go here for most queries, phone calls home, lost your timetable, first aid, asking for directions etc.  The student reception is open to all students, before school, during break and lunchtime, and after school.  It is only open during lessons for matters such as first aid or if you are poorly.

How much homework will I have? 

All homework is set by subject teachers and will have a hand in date.  Normally for the core subjects (Maths, English & Science) you will receive two pieces a week and one piece from other subjects.  You will also have one piece per half term from subjects such as Art, DT and Drama.  We expect you to add to your lessons by doing some home learning.

What opportunities are there for Year 7 students? 

We have a student council; elections will be held in the first term.  The council meet once a term and it is a good link between the students and staff and issues can be raised.

We have a large extra-curricular and enrichment programme, lots of clubs available during lunch and after school, including sports teams.  If you want to see something in particular, remember to complete the Enrichment/Extra Curricular form on the website.


We know you will have lots of questions about starting secondary school with us and we hope that we have answered the most common questions here.  If you are still unsure and wish to ask us anything else then please complete the form below and we will get in touch with you.

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