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Weston Favell Academy

Frequently Asked Questions


How will my child be placed in sets?

Students are in mixed ability sets for all lessons except Maths, English & Science.  Sets are based on KS2 data and continuous assessment and are reviewed termly.  Some students who did not reach age related expectations in reading are supported by being in a transition group with a literacy specialist and will have literacy lessons instead of French.

What is the curriculum offer at the school? 

Students in Years 7 & 8 study Maths, English, Science, Geography, History, RE, Computing, French or Literacy, Art, Drama, Dance, Music, DT & PE.  At the end of Year 8 students get the opportunity to choose GCSE preferences, which includes new subjects such as Child Development, Sport and Business.  In Year 10 students refine those choices to 4 option subjects which are they are examined on at the end of Year 11.

What can you do for High Achieving students? 

We have a HAP Lead in the Academy who champions our High Achieving Pupils (HAP).  One of our teaching and learning priorities is to 'teach to the top' for all our pupils and to tier accordingly to support all in making at least good progress in lessons.

Who do I see if I have a problem?

Students can talk to their form tutor, subject teacher or pastoral leader for day to day issues, however all teachers and support staff are here to help.

What were the exam results like?

Standards have been improving at Weston Favell Academy and we were delighted with the progress that previous Year 11 students made.  Progress at Post 16 is good and excellent in some subjects.

Will my friends be in the same class/form?

We try and put at least 2 children from the same primary school in the same form.  Children who may be the only one from their school would be invited to a Friendship Day and would be together in a tutor group.

What is the discipline system?

The Academy follows the Positive Discipline (PD) system which ensures that all pupils follow the highest expectations with regards to attitude to learning, professional appearance and behaviour both in lessons and around the academy site.   At all times the Academy values of Kindness, Excellence and Respect are upheld.

We believe that pupils learn best in a calm and positive learning environment.  If a pupil disrupts the learning of others, they will follow a process of 'Reminders, Removal, Repair'.  A comprehensive system of sanctions are in place to support the repair process. 

What is the reward system? 

Pupils are rewarded with positive points if they produce excellent classwork, homework or are deemed to have gone above and beyond our basic expectations in any way.  Pupils receive certificates for reaching certain milestones, and members of the senior team also reward pupils who are recommended by their form tutors for outstanding achievements.  

How often will my child see a tutor? 

Pupils will see their tutor once a day for tutor time, however they can catch up with the tutor throughout the day if important issues arise.

Can I take my child out of school for a holiday? 

Please do not book holidays in term time.  If you do, it will be recorded as unauthorised and we have to notify NCC who may fine you.