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Weston Favell Academy

Online Payment System

The Academy operates a cashless catering system which allows students to access a faster, more efficient and more appealing meal service.

With the use of student cards, students can top up their account using cash at the revaluation units located at certain points around the Academy site. These machines accept £20, £10, £5 notes £2, £1, 50p, 20p, 5p coins (please note copper coins are not accepted).

Alternatively, parents can make online payments; to make an online payment, please go to In certain cases, parents can not only make payment for their child's meals online but also trips and music lessons. Once an account has been credited, the monies cannot be withdrawn and must be spent on the Academy meal/break services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check the credit on an account?

This can be done by the account holder by scanning their student card at the revaluation machine. The current balance will be displayed. Alternatively, this can be accessed via the online payment engine

Can I change the daily 'spend limit'?

Yes, the daily spend limite has a default of £5 but this may be changed by written request to Student Finance within the Academy.

How do 'free meal' entitlements work?

All free meal entitlements will be entered onto the system prior to the 'live' day.  The cashless catering system will, on a daily basis, automatically allocate the appropriate account with the free meal amounts.  Students with free meal entitlements remain anonymous at all times as all account types are accessed in the exact same manner regardless as to whether paid or not.  NB - any monies not spent from the daily free meal allocation will not be carried over to the next day.

Can anyone use my child's account?

No, due to the security on the student card, no-one will be able to access your child's account.  As a secondary precaution, a photo image is allocated to each student. If a student obtains and attempts to use someone else's card, the photograph shown on the EPOS terminal will alert the operator of a possible fraudulent sale taking place.

My child has an allergy; how will this be monitored?

All allergy records registered with the Academy will be entered onto the cashless catering system. When students attempt to purchase an item which has ingredients that they are allergic to, the system will alert the operator and prevent them from selling the chosen item.

Can I dictate my child's dietary requirements?

The system will allow you to register any items that your child is not allowed due to dietary needs or religious beliefs. Any such items must be confirmed in writing by the parent/carer to the Student Finance department.

Can I request a printed report of my child's meal intake?

Yes, the cashless catering system allows numerous reporting facilities which include dietary habits. These may be requested by contacting Student Finance.