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Weston Favell Academy

Parent/Carer Contact Details

It is always vital for the academy to hold up-to-date contact details for parents. Without correct details, we cannot send you personalised information such as FSM vouchers, examination results or school reports, nor can we easily keep you updated on our plans for remote learning, the support available to you and your family or other school related activity.

If you need to update us with new contact details, the easiest way for the academy to receive this information is via the Groupcall Xpressions app.  The app is completely free of charge to you and can be installed on your mobile phone or tablet.  It currently supports both Apple iOS Android services (with Windows mobile to follow).  If you have children in different schools and those schools use Groupcall Xpressions, you will be able to view information on multiple children within the same app.

What do I need to do now?  Please note you will not be able to load this until your child is officially on roll at Weston Favell Academy.  This app is for parent use only and should not be installed onto the pupil's phone/ipad.

If you have not used the app before, you can download it from the app store or Google play, search for Groupcall Xpressions app.  Once installed on your device, you will need to:

  1. Input the email address you have provided to the academy - this must match with our records or it will not recognise your child's details.
  2. Input mobile number when asked.
  3. You will then receive a four digit code via text, input this.
  4. You will then be asked to set up a password.
  5. The app is now ready to use.

Please ensure that the academy has an up-to-date email address and mobile number on your child's record.  If you wish to update your details, this can be completed via the Xpressions app and our systems will be updated with the new information.  

To maintain access to the system, you must ensure that we always hold up-to-date contact information for you. 

Benefits of the system

  • You can update your details without the need to contact the academy or complete forms speeding up the process and putting parents in control that the information we hold is correct.
  • Free messages sent by the academy are delivered directly to the app.
  • If your child is due to participate in a future sports trip, residential trip or a curriculum based trip you will receive the details via email.  You just simply need to fill in your permission and the medical form and return via email - it’s very quick and simple to use.
  • As a parent, you will be able to view the following information relating to your child/children:
    • Attendance records, late marks and absences 
    • Marks and grades
    • Achievement records
    • Behaviour events
    • Timetables
    • Exam timetables
    • School calendar
    • Notification timeline of all the above
    • Report and other academy communications
    • Updates regarding selected partner systems used by the academy such as homework, cashless catering and parents evening bookings.

The app also allows you to contact the academy:

  • Use the app as your first point to inform the academy if your child will be absent from school.
  • Check the contact details that the academy has and update if necessary.

It is imperative more than ever whilst we are in this lockdown period, the academy has up to date contact information for you.  Where possible, please use the Xpressions app to manage your information on your child's record.  If you experience any issues and require assistance, please contact and we will be happy to assist.