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Weston Favell Academy

Positive Discipline

For the Academy to run efficiently and for students to gain the most out of their education offered, a high standard of discipline is expected at all times. Anti-social or disruptive behaviour is dealt with promptly and sanctions imposed.

All staff are expected to encourage high standards of behaviour, work and dress. Staff are vigorously supported to achieve these expectations by Key Stage Directors, Heads of Department, the Extended and the Senior Leadership Team, led by the Principal.  Parents are also involved as quickly as possible so that home and the Academy can work in partnership to solve problems which may arise.

We are proud of the high standards of discipline we set and achieve.  All students are encouraged to develop an enquiring mind, a sense of purpose and a determination to work hard. At the centre of the Academy's Code of Conduct is respect and consideration for other people and their property.

Through our model of Positive Discipline, we are able to reinforce our high expectations through rewards and sactions. Students are continually encouraged to strive for exceptional behaviour and effort.