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Weston Favell Academy

Professional Development Programme

We value CPD very highly at WFA and have developed a variety of ways to support and encourage teacher collaboration and the sharing/development of best practice. These are some of the ways we do it:

  • Greenwood Learning Alliance  - creating a strong learning culture across the Trust including: NQT Development Programme, Developing Teacher Programme, Middle Leadership Programme, Leadership Conferences and Subject events.
  • 15 Minute Forums – These are weekly meetings (brief – 15 minutes, every Thursday) where staff showcase and share effective strategies and idea on a specific area of pedagogy.  The topics will be decided by teaching staff and posted weekly by SLT and the resources available on the T&L Hub following each session.
  • Lead   Teachers – with a focus on the Big 4, the  team will offer informal development  opportunities and coaching to improve teaching and learning within the classroom.
  • Subject Pedagogy Development Sessions – During Departmental Meeting times, subject teams will meet to discuss best practice in their area, with a specific focus e.g. teaching difficult topics and misconceptions; modelling; feedback etc.
  • Bright Spots – Very simple – walk around your school, go in classrooms and look for effective teaching strategies.  Then share them on the T&L Hub.
  • Learning Development Groups – Cross curricular groups of teachers who meet four times a year to discuss and share good practice, around a specific pedagogical theme.  The idea is that after each LDG meeting, each teacher commits to trying out at least one new teaching strategy – and then reports back at the next meeting.  A development of Dylan Wiliam’s TLC (Teacher Learning Community) idea.
  • The Big Idea – At the beginning of every CPD event all staff have to write down one good strategy they have used (or seen used) on a particular aspect of pedagogy.  These are then collated into a booklet to be shared with all staff.
  • CPD Events – each department has an allocated budget to enable attendance at external events where needed. Please liaise with your HOD.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela