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Weston Favell Academy

Sixth Form Staff

In Weston Favell Academy Sixth Form, our great strength as a Sixth Form Team comes from the vast number of years which we have had working with post-16 students, not just in Sixth Form Leadership but in delivering KS5 courses, in 16-19 student support and in post-16 Guidance. At last count, for our Team, that amounted to over eight decades of experience!

That matters, and it is a key feature of our Sixth Form. It allows us to be confident that the ethos and values which are embedded, are ones which actually prepare and serve our students as they progress to Higher Education or responsible roles in the workplace. We are always outward-focused, reflective and continually refine our approaches, and offer, in order to support and guide our students to be becoming increasingly independent, effective and positive young adults.

At the core and heart of our Sixth Form are the fundamental principles of inclusion, equality, global awareness and students’ wellbeing, which we model and embody on a daily basis. All decisions which impact on our students are tested against those principles, whether that is daily fruit for all or democratic decision making involving elected Lead Students, or focus group consultation. We consult and we listen and then we move forward. At times, we also will inevitably demonstrate how to embrace rapid change and strategic decision making.

Our exceptionally strong Sixth Form Staff Team are accessible, reliable and - we are often told – are inspirational. That is why our students take effectiveness, resilience and kindness into the world beyond. We are exceptionally proud of all they achieve and the great young people they become.