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Weston Favell Academy

Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 Examinations





Do I have to sit any examinations this summer?

GCSE, A Level and all vocational and technical examinations have been cancelled for the summer of 2020.

Instead of examinations, Ofqual have published guidance to schools on what they require us to do to help generate pupils a grade for their GCSE, A and AS Level subjects and all our technical and vocational qualifications.


Do I have to complete coursework?

You do not need to complete unfinished coursework, non-examined assessments for any of your vocational subjects.  Your grades will not be affected by this.


How will my grades be worked out?

Teachers in all schools have been asked to use a range of evidence (mock grades, other assessments, class work, homework, any coursework that had been submitted, any units already completed or examined, etc) to calculate the grade they think you would have achieved this year.  They also have to rank every student within each grade or subject.

This information has been submitted to the examination boards who will carry out a number of checks and standardisation to makes sure grades seem appropriate and fair across the subject, school and the whole country.


Can I contact my teacher about my grades?

The exam boards may adjust the grades we submit for some pupils or schools which is why we are instructed not to discuss them or share them with pupils or their families.

Ofqual have written a letter to pupils about all of this, which you can read here.

Please do not ask members of school staff for details of your centre assessed grade or rank order.


What should I do instead?

We would strongly suggest that pupils continue to try and do work in the subject(s) they hope to study next year so that the transition from Year 11 to Sixth Form or from KS5 to university is not too big.

We are also working on some materials and resources that we hope will help you with this as well as with the final choices you have to make about your next destination.

We will be in touch with more details shortly


When is exam results day?

The government have announced that exam results will be available as initially planned on:

  • Thursday 13 August for A Level results and 
  • Thursday 20 August for GCSE results.

We will provide details for how these will be distributed closer to the time, when we know what the latest guidance on social distancing is.


Updated 15th June 2020